In this section of the website we plan to list all people who are claiming to sell the original and genuine Black Rock chickens but have not been supplied with chicks from The Black Rock Hatchery

There are a variety of other black sex linked birds being produced in the UK, which do not have the heritage or qualities of the true Black Rock chickens.

Sadly some growers and dealers around the country are potentially deceiving their customers in not using the correct names for the birds they are selling.

If you find someone selling one of the other 'black sex linked chickens" as Black Rocks please let us know through the "contact us" page on this website, and we can add their name to this page to warn others.
     AK Poultry  -  Aberdeenshire
     McIntyre Poultry  -  Ayrshire
     Durham hens
     Storrs Poultry  -  Near Sheffield

We mean no harm to any business listed on this page, all we ask is that sellers name the birds they are selling correctly. (if they have no provenance they should just be called "black sex linked"). 

If you are added to this list and believe that you DO have genuine Black Rocks from an agent, then please get in touch so we can verify this and add you to our official agents list. 

If you want genuine Black Rock chickens you can purchase them direct from the Black Rock Hatchery or one of our official agents.