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We are now Scotland’s only ‘Registered’ Hatchery producing Laying Hens – Your guarantee of quality and authenticity

Please everyone do not get caught out ! With any other lookalikes. Our MUIRFIELD LAYERS (trademarked) GENUINE ORIGINAL BLACK ROCKS are from Peter Siddons' Parent Breeding stock which he improved with his selection and cross breeding additions over the past 65 years or so, and with at least a further 150 years of breeding behind the poultry name over the previous century. They are UNIQUE and as such lots of folk and companies will and try to cash in on their reputation.

Peter was indeed one of the few rare Master Poultry Breeders and between him and his close specialist breeder friends came up with the plan for the BLACK ROCK HYBRID. His passion was not to go down the route of fashion over all those years ago but rather that this Parent Progeny would improve year on year by his individual method of selecting from his specially bred hybrid Parents. This as expected from a master breeder resulted in all the chicks bred from those parents growing up with a huge strong immune system, allowing them in their turn when crossed to produce their chicks to be able to go on as long living BLACK ROCK egg laying hens.

When we first took over from Peter we discovered some of his amazing techniques and methods. We also learned that when moving them to Bridge of Weir some of his parent stock were 5 plus years old and still producing reliably. We then decided that to save the blood line we would have to continue with his program of breeding ideas. Fortunately I had the honour of talking for 3 years with Peter to learn how he went about the breeding before he passed away to ensure the continued success of this excellent rare breed. This continues now today involving his daughters, so the extra specialized knowledge is not lost, my 60+ years of hands on poultry experience, my family and staff and our industry leading poultry specialist vet and breeding experts who are involved in a high percentage of the largest flocks and breeding programs in the UK and worldwide.

So when you see adverts with Rhode Rock / Black Rock, Black Rock / Rhode Rock or saying same birds but from a different hatchery or in a similar vein then you can be assured that they simply cannot have the same qualities and genetics that MUIRFIELD LAYERS BLACK ROCKS have to base their excellent reputation upon. Beware of the imitators and the imitation birds you can get as in most cases past and present these lookalike birds do not perform anywhere near reputed expectations, with greatly reduced laying life and birds without the same immune system often not meeting half the expectations of MUIRFIELD LAYERS BLACK ROCKS.

Always look for one of our AGENTS or ourselves on our web page. Or if you are still not sure, telephone us and we will confirm the authenticity or otherwise to you. We are the ONLY HATCHERY IN THE WORLD WITH PETERS BREEDING STOCK it is and always has been a closed flock, Peter and I have never sold any of his parent hybrids so it would be impossible for anyone else to claim to have them at all !

Contacts : E-mail : eddie@ralovett.co.uk … For agents, go to the approved agent page.
Telephones 01505 613075 or 0789 412 9270


We thank you for your previous enquiry regarding our day old MUIRFIELD LAYERS® GENUINE ORIGINAL BLACK ROCK chicks Unfortunately at the time of your original enquiry we were not in a position to meet your request for the day old chicks you required.

The good news is we now have our first real increase in the number of day old chicks hatching.

The new parent stock are now performing to expectations (at last!).

It has taken four years to recover parent stock numbers while still producing limited numbers of GENUINE ORIGINAL BLACK ROCK chicks for a few of our agents and customers throughout the UK.

We are now happy to announce we are in a position to add agents and growers names to our list of genuine MUIRFIELD LAYERS® agents.

If you are interested in finding out more about becoming a Black ROCK agent or buying just a few chicks, please email me at eddie@ralovett.co.uk or telephone our head office on 01505 613075 and  myself or Maureen will be happy to discuss this with you.

However with our good news regarding the chicks we have to finish on a sad note with the news Peter Siddons, who founded and perfected the GENUINE ORIGINAL BLACK ROCK poultry died peacefully on 13th August 2013. He will be sadly missed and I thought you may like to read the attached Obituary for Peter.

MUIRFIELD LAYERS® your guarantee of authenticity and quality 


Obituary for Peter Siddons 1921 -2013

My father, Peter Siddons, who was known throughout the poultry industry for his famous Black Rock hens, died very peacefully and gently on 13th August in his care home with those who cared for him and loved him at his side till the end.

Dad’s life’s work was his hens and trying to breed the perfect outdoor free range hen. He felt that he had found this in the Black Rock which he brought across from South Africa in the 60’s. After some breeding changes he re-named this hen the Black Rock.

His whole working life was spend fighting for issues which affected all poultry keepers and even had the distinction of being the first person in the UK to be prosecuted for refusing to have his closed breeding flocks tested for salmonella and the fine imposed on him nearly crippled the business.

He never forgave Edwina Curry for her part in this and her name would always get a very quick and uncomplimentary response from him!


Dad worked ceaselessly on the Black Rock breeding and improving the line until he was in his mid 80s and we were really proud of how well our parents were managing given their age.

After my parents had to retire the hatchery was shut down and everything moved.

This was when Eddie Lovett bravely took on the whole business and after 4 long hard years this has finally paid off and the parent stock are back in top condition.


It is really wonderful to see that his Black Rocks are still so popular even after dad is gone.

Kate Campbell